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Connection by Pennywell
Lauren Pennywell

Welcome to Connection by Pennywell

Helping you create social media posts and branding that's as EXTRA as you are

Hi, I'm so happy you're here!

I still remember googling "how do you make posts with words on them"...I had no clue! I wanted to make the same inspirational posts that I saw on Instagram and Facebook. You know the one's that are in that "boss babe" shade of pink with the attitude to match. 

I quickly realized that making posts that look like everybody else's is actually pretty simple, it was figuring out how to make it look like ME that took some time. 

 I've learned that what makes me weird is what makes me awesome. Now I create scroll-stopping posts and designs that are TOTALLY me. I'll teach you the same thing. 

My name is Lauren Pennywell and I can't wait to help you create social media posts and branding that looks like YOU!

Don't hide your awesome with boring post & images!

Connection by Pennywell is a place for heart-centered creators, just like you. I know you are a generous human and you want to show up fully as YOURSELF in your business with social media posts and branding that looks like you. 

If your posts and messaging don't sound like you, then your people can't find you.  In fact, they may not even be able to SEE you when you're right in front of them! How frustrating is that?!

 I know that you bring your beautiful energy to everything you do. You're magnificence shouldn't be totally diluted by boring images, ordinary social media posts, and generic messaging. 

I felt the exact same way when I first started until I discovered the trick: what makes me weird is the same thing that makes me...ME! Now I create posts that people recognize as mine without even seeing my name. 

Here's how you get started:

1. Join my Connection by Pennywell

2. Discover a virtual space to share/get feedback on your work with other AWESOME humans just like you

3. Create posts/branding/messaging that's TOTALLY you

Stop getting lost in the shuffle because your social media doesn't rise to your level of EXTRANESS and start creating a visual message that will have your people running to you like Julia Roberts in a RomCom.

What are you waiting for? Join CONNECTION today!

A Big Thanks

Thank you to my amazing husband Tim for always loving me, believing in me (especially on days where I don't), and telling me I have good ideas. Thank you to my sweet boys for being patient with me while I built this community and being the reason why I tenaciously fight for my dreams. AND A HUGE Thank you to Gina Bianchini for teaching me how to build this AWESOME community. You are the passionate business owner I strive to be, and I am so thankful you created this revolutionary product.

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